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Submitting Research Data

Submitting data is easy. Simply email your contribution to davidhr@hushmail.com. To the extent you mirror the format will make our job easier to add the information to the site. You will notice our love of tables to present data. Our pages are typically formatted in landscape format with .5 inch margins all around. Files can be submitted in MS Word, WordPerfect, Abode Acrobat and a wide variety of other formats. If you send research (as opposed to images) in Adobe Acrobat, please enable text editing when you save it. For the first few months, surnames are limited to those in our list. We will notify everyone when this restriction is lifted and you can add other surnames.

Abstracts should be as brief as practical for the information submitted highlighting the key points in the document. For instance, we do not wanted full text abstracts. All abstracts should give credit to the author, if it is someone other than you and should have the location of the source identified, so someone can go look it up if so desired.

We particularly like:

          Deed Abstracts

          Tax Summaries

          Bible Records

          Estate Records Other Than Wills

          Private or Personal Records

          Anything Else That Is Difficult to Find

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