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Genealogy Standards

Genealogy Standards, Second Edition as published by the Board for Certification of Genealogist is the gold standard of rules for genealogists. It is critical for professional genealogist to follow these rules. Few of the rest us reach these lofty goals. All of us would be better genealogist if we had a copy and referred to it on a regular basis.

There is one rule that I do not strictly adhere to and do not expect others submitting data herein to adhere to. Rule 32 provides: [When transcribing, genealogists render spelling] “exactly as they appear in the original.” Some names have variant spellings than are really close, i.e. Vaughan vs. Vaughn. I have always considered these types of similar spelling to be equivalent and almost always based on the spelling chosen by the record keeper. This site tries to give you the information to find the records you need. You should be aware of Rule 32 and try to follow it, especially if you are trying to be accepted by a lineage society.

The rampant spread of unproven speculative genealogical information unsupported by even minimal research is a pet peeve of this editor. The first component of the Genealogical Proof Standard provides:


“Reasonably exhaustive research — emphasizing original records providing participants’ information — for all evidence that might answer a genealogist’s questions about an identity, relationship, event or situation.”

This site is designed to help the genealogy hobbyist complete reasonably exhaustive research; and hopefully reduce the spread of unsupported speculation.

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