“Where It Is More Important to Have the Right Facts than to Be Right.”

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Mission Statement

Most genealogist like to share family trees. Unfortunately, many of the trees passed around are short on research and long on speculation. One purpose of this website is to provide a place for researchers to post facts discovered in their research. Another purpose of this website is to gather research, sources and finding aids to help serious genealogist prove their family trees.

I am David Robertson and I am Editor in Chief of this site. My interest in genealogy was sparked by my great grandmother Adora Ellis Bruce Crisler when I was but 14 years old. I am now north of seventy and have spent my spare time for the last five decades totally hooked by the genealogy bug.

This is a repository for my research and, I hope, will become the repository for the research of others. The organization of the research will be very consistent. Files will be organized by surname, by location and then by type of record. There is a very good reason for this. As genealogist we are generally looking for ancestors of a given surname and from a specific location, hence the organization of this site.

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