“Where It Is More Important to Have the Right Facts than to Be Right.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning you attribute to the quote: “Where It Is More Important to Have the Right Facts than to Be Right.”?

For far too many years we genealogists have traded Pedigree Charts and Family Group Sheets without including the research that back them up. Years later, we look back and have little idea where the information came from. The end result is that (1) a lot of misinformation gets repeated; (2) we neglect the research; and (3) we spend a lot of time arguing about things that would otherwise be settled with complete research. Concentrating on reasonably complete research solves these problems.

Why Do You Use Tables So Much?

1. Most importantly, it makes it easy for you to copy table cells and paste them to fit other formats such as word processing and spreadsheets. This allows you to creatively edit and sort the records for your own use.

2. It is easier to control margins in the HTML Format.

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